Liposomal Glutathione 脂質體穀胱甘肽 500ml (旺角自取)


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存放: 冷藏 (4 C)


  1. 10克還原型穀胱甘肽
  2. 3毫升72型微量礦物質
  3. 1毫升硒
  4. 0.5毫升碘溶液
  5. 6克維生素C
  6. 維D3 10000 IU
  7. 維K2 400 mcg
  8. 鋅 0.75mg
  9. B 雜 10 mL (B1, 6 mg) (B2, 17mg)(B3, 200 mg)(B6, 20 mg)(Folic acid, 2000mcg)(B12 10 mg)
  10. CoQ10 0.5mL


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Each bottle contain:

  1. 10 g reduced glutathione
  2. 3 ml of 72 type trace minerals
  3. 1 ml of selenium
  4. 0.5 ml of iodine solution
  5. aprox 6 gram of vitamin C
  6. Vitamin D3 10000 IU
  7. Vitamin K2 400 mcg
  8. Zinc 0.75mg
  9. B 雜 10 mL (B1, 6 mg) (B2, 17mg)(B3, 200 mg)(B6, 20 mg)(Folic acid, 2000mcg)(B12 10 mg)

Good for: Increasing Strength, clearer mind, Recover from heavy alcohol, Improve immunity, lighter skin, improve digestive system


Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant found in every cell in the body. It is made of three types of molecules known as amino acids.

One unique thing about glutathione is that the body is able to make it in the liver, which is not true of most antioxidants.

Liposomal Glutathione is the most easily absorbed form of glutathione, enhance neuron growth and help enter blood brain barrier. Our liposomal glutathione is made also with vitamin C, B-complex, D, K, 72 trace minerals, extra selenium, zinc and iodine.

Liposomal delivery system enhance absorption of water soluble ingredients up to 90%. This is the most advance form of drug delivery system, allowing the cells to be supplemented of the phosphatidylcholine into the bi-lipid layer of cell wall and at the same time deliver the other ingredients inside the liposomes into cell.

Glutathione has many important functions, including:

  • making DNA, the building blocks of proteins and cells
  • supporting immune function
  • forming sperm cells
  • breaking down some free radicals
  • helping certain enzymes function
  • regenerating vitamins C and E
  • transporting mercury out of the brain
  • helping the liver and gallbladder deal with fats
  • assisting regular cell death (a process known as apoptosis)

穀胱甘肽是一種強效抗氧化劑,存在於體內的每個細胞中。 它由三種氨基酸的分子組成。關於穀胱甘肽的一個獨特之處在於,身體能夠在肝臟中產生, 其他抗氧化劑不能在體內製造。

脂質體穀胱甘肽是最容易被吸收的穀胱甘肽形式,增強神經元生長並幫助進入血腦屏障。 我們的脂質體穀胱甘肽也含有維C, B-離, D, K, 72種微量礦物質,額外的鋅, 硒和碘。

脂質體遞送系統增強水溶性成分的吸收率高達90%。 這是最先進的藥物遞送系統形式,允許細胞將磷脂酰膽鹼補充到細胞壁的雙脂質層中,同時將脂質體內的其他成分遞送到細胞中。