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It is not accidental that you came to this website, we believe that they are all linked together at a higher level. Everyone can have a healthy, happy and free life. But in fact, we all have to be ready to embrace the new way of life, break away from the old slave-like social structure, and establish a whole new way of living. To do this, a certain degree of independence is required. The first step is to learn how to protect your own health, and the second is to learn to be economically independent from any tangible or invisible manipulation in society.

Many people entrust their health problems to so-called professionals or organizations. But in reality, the results are not very satisfactory. Many people have all different kinds of diseases by middle ages instead of old age. Even the number of children suffering from severe terminal illnesses is increasing. Although many people have realised that most mild sickness only require milder natural path  treatments, however these alternative treatments may sometimes are more expensive to a certain extent. We are willing to share and teach how you can cultivate self-healing knowledge. Because we found that what it takes to learn natural healing is not complicated and does not require a university degree. Because everyone’s disease is usually simple.

The most important and simplest among the many natural remedies is detoxification therapy. Thinking with simple logic, today's world environment has been the result of serious pollution in the past 200 years! Toxins are very common in our daily life. There are different toxins for food, clothing, housing and transportation that harm our health. Science also provides a lot of evidence that many diseases are actually related to toxins. We are actually chronically poisoned!

There is evidence that effective detoxification methods can treat many different diseases! However, the effectiveness of detoxification is related to the method. Choosing an appropriate detoxification method plays a key role in the effectiveness of treatment. And deciding the right method requires understanding of the operation of the entire detox system. For example, the mainstream knowledge will regard the liver as the most important organ for detoxification. However, many people may notice that the many terminally sick people suffer from long-term gastrointestinal problems before their sickness. In fact, the entire detoxification mechanism includes every cell in the body, liver, digestive system and skin. Certain proteins and enzymes are also required to ensure that this mechanism works effectively. The first warning of a problem with the detox system is actually from the digestive system. To protect one's health one should ensure the optimisation of the digestive system before more serious sickness develop.

In addition to the above-mentioned detoxification, there are many other effective self-healing methods to deal with other physical problems, and we are all willing to share this information with everyone. Hope you find the answer here and learn from other people.