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Like most people, we all want to protect ourselves and our family members and live freely. However, the current systems such as mainstream medical care cannot convince us of its effectiveness. Large businesses and institutions, which only wants to maximise profit, seem to control many aspects of our lives. We cannot give up looking for a new way out. Bodily health is the first problem we need to handle. Even if we want to create a balance between body and mind, and even have the ambition to contribute to society, the most practical problem of life, which is health, still needs to be faced. Despite all the question about the medical system in society, have you ever thought about seeking answers yourself? Rather than believing in experts, the latest scientific conclusions suggest the possibility of alternative medicine. So a group of people who love themselves and their families share successful experiences with the knowledge of latest scientific evidence. Lets start your journey here.

我們跟一般人一樣都是希望保護自己及家人, 活得自由. 但是現今的制度例如主流醫療並不能使我們信服, 大商家及機構都只求賺錢,他們控制了我們很多生活環節. 雖然如此,我們不能放棄尋找新的出路. 人的健康是我們第一步要解決的問題. 即使我們要創造身心靈的平衡, 甚至有志向在社會貢獻所長, 最實際的健康問題是需要面對的. 社會上對醫療制度提出很多質疑, 但你有沒有想過與其盲信專家不如自己尋求答案. 因此,一群熱愛自己和家人的人分享了最新科學證據的成功經驗。 讓我們從這裡開始您新的旅程。

Our Approach

Self Healing


For many friends who have sub-health problems or even diseases, have you ever thought that you can actually learn self-healing? The scientific information and products we provide can help you understand the shortcuts to health.

We mainly advocate life's 3 focus, this will not only maintain health, but it can also have  magical effect if the right dose is combined

1) Detoxification (the most important in modern society)

2) Nutrition (Most of us are Mal-nutrition)

3) Benefitial Health Exercise (not rigorous ones)

對於很多有亞健康問題甚至是有疾病的朋友們, 有沒有想過你其實可以學習自我療瘉? 我們提拱的科學資訊及產品都可以幫助你了解得到健康的捷徑.

我們主要提倡生活上3大重點, 不但可以養生, 如果配合劑量可以有神奇的效果

1)排毒 (現代社會中最重要的)

2) 營養 (我們大多數人是營養不良)

3) 養生運動  ( 不是劇烈運動)

Our Story


一直追求怎樣脫離制度的控制, 活出快樂及自由的生命. 相信解決方法一定多過問題.

高飛的排毒療法是一種得到健康的捷徑, 他使到很多跟隨者成功以簡單的方法自己回復健康.