Coupon Payment 現金劵




This is to provide VISA payment for all kinds of products we provide. Just choose the correct unit amount for your payment (e.g. if your want to pay $450, input 450 in quantity, then proceed to checkout to pay). Please also provide the exact product you want , e.g. Glutathione Drink, Borax or Filter etc. Please keep the payment record for product collections or delivery arrangements

這裡樣我們提供各種產品VISA付款的方便。 只需為您的付款選擇正確的數量單位(如要付$450, 請在數量選450,然後付款即可)。另請提供您想要的產品名稱,例如 穀胱甘肽, 硼砂,濾水器等. 請保留付款記錄以安排產品交收或送貨安排